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If we should go back beyond the written history of any section of the great State of Texas and delve into the dim ages of the past, even confined to the narrow limits of Fort Bend County, what strange and wonderful sights we would see. Great animals, now extinct, would be discovered, compared to which the elephants of our day would appear dwarfish. They grazed over these prairies and slaked their thirst in the waters of the Brazos River. Their remains have beend found in the river near Richmond, an account of which will be given in its proper place in this work. The river and the landscape were here when Columbus and his daring sailors, in their frail crafts, were plowing the unknown seas, with the beaks of the little ships pointing toward these shores. Wild savage tribes were here then, chasing the buffalo and other game, and their wigwams dotted the banks of our streams. They hunted and camped along the Brazos, fought with other tribes, and performed the scalp dance and war dance, and loud warwhoops resounded over the spot where Richmond now stands.

After the passing of many centuries, a strange race of people came upon the scene, marching up the Brazos valley in glistening armor and gaudy colored banners flying, striking the natives with terror and astonishment. These were the steel-clad cavaliers of Spain. They explored all of the rivers of Texas, from the mouth to the head of each, and gave them Spanish names. Over the spot where Richmond now stands no doubt they passed. After them came the French under Robert de La Salle in 1685, and it is very likely that he and some of his men were within the present limits of Fort Bend County. La Salle was a Norman by birth, but was at this time in the employ of the French King, and made an -accidental landing on the then nameless coast of Texas while in search of the mouth of the Mississippi River.

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Fort Bend Military, includes Terry Rangers

Men Of Company F, 4th Texas

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Source: Texas History, Statistics and Biographies, 1885

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