Chartered Institutions of Fannin County, Texas


At present there are five chartered institutions in the county, three in Bonham, one at Honey Grove, and one at Savoy.

The Carlton College
A mixed school is situated in Bonham, was founded by Elder Charles Carlton in 1867, and is yet under the control of that gentleman and his son, with other assistants. It incorporated in 1874, as the Bonham Christian College, with power to confer degrees. The average yearly matriculation is about two-hundred. While this college is not sectarian, it is more largely patronized by the Christian denomination, Mr. Carlton being an Elder of that church. This old institution has turned out a great many young men and women whom the county will not blush to own, as having been "finished'' in her own borders.

Savoy College
Is the next oldest chartered institution in the county; Professor R. R. Halsell, the President, founded this institution in 1876, and obtained a charter for its incorporation, three years later. The annual matriculation numbers from two-hundred and fifty to three-hundred and fifty. The present faculty consists of R. R. Halsell, Prest., Lewis Holland, Vice Prest., J. T. Ashcroft, and L. W, Pierce. This college has turned out about three hundred young men and young ladies, with finished educations, since it was founded. If a young man or lady is anxious for an education, and with-out means, the president never turns them away, but admits them, and takes his chances for remuneration when the applicants have completed their course.

Prof. Halsell was born in Kentucky in 1843, came to Texas when about 22 years old. He completed his education at Ladonia in this, county a few years later, under the Ex-President of Canehill College, Arkansas. He is a thorough scholar, probably the best mathematician in the county, and, a hard worker.

Every year, daring commencement exercises, the students, and ex-students of this college have a reunion at which the pleasures of school life are revived and perpetuated.

The present faculty, are thorough educators, refined and cultured gentlemen, and their success is, certain.

Honey Grove, has been somewhat unfortunate in the management or maintenance of her high schools and colleges. The town is scarcely large enough to support two colleges, and in trying to maintain two, both of them have been crippled. One of them, the Walcot Institute has suspended, leaving the field to the Honey Grove High School.

This college is under the control of the Methodist Church and is presided over by Prof. Clark, who, as an educator and disciplinarian, is among the first of the county. This Institute matriculates about 150 students annually.

The Masonic Female Institute
Is the only chartered Institution in the county devoted exclusively to the education of females. This excellent college is healthily and pleasantly situated in the northern portion of the city of Bonham. The building is a large two story brick, with spacious grounds and gardens attached. Prof W. D. Allen, has charge as President, and began his third scholastic year on the 6th of September of this year. Every department is presided over by excellent teachers who do their whole duty.

Fannin College
The only college in the county devoted exclusively to the education of males, is situated in the western portion of Bonham, a neatly finished two story brick building, built on an elevation, and surrounded with a large campus securely enclosed. This institution was incorporated in 1883. Prof. Jno. P. Nelson, of Virginia, is the President, and head of an able faculty. Judging from the liberal patronage of this, and the Masonic Institute, the people seem to be favoring unmixed schools.

The High School
At Dodd City, was organized by Prof. Gill, in 1877, who was succeeded by Prof. Wilson. Under the management of this gentlemen, the school, although not regularly chartered has taken its place among the first colleges of the county. Prof. Wilson is a thorough scholar, a cultured gentleman, and unquestionably, the most experienced educator, in the county. He has served as principal of the Summer Normal School for this district, several successive terms, and has given perfect satisfaction.

The High School matriculates about 150 pupils, annually.
To recapitulate the educational facilities of Fannin County, for white and colored make the following showing:
Common schools, 129.
Academics and high schools, 6.
Chartered institutions with power to confer degrees, 5.


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