Officers of Hopkins County, Texas


Sam W. Smith was young when these terrible and exciting incidents transpired. He is an old man now, but his memory is exceptionally good, he has a bright and vigorous mind and remembers every county official from the organization of the county to the present time.

The District Judges:
John T. Mills
Wm. S. Todd
Byrd Gray
H. P. Mabry
Green J. Clark
J. A. B. Putmen
E. W. Terhoone
H. C. Connor

The Sheriffs:
Bartholomew Millhollan
H. C. Russell
Jesse Russell
A. B. Hudson,
Sam W. Smith, who served twelve years
J. A. Weaver served eight years
John R. Furgeson six years
Sam G. Smith, served six years
William Branon, served six years
Bascom Sherman served six years
George Withers four years
Wilbur Loving is serving his second term

The County Judges:
D. O. Horton
John P. Reeves
Elias Wallis
William Houghton
A. G. Melton
L. G. Harmon
G. H. Crowder
F. M. Rogers
J. M. Morris
H. C. Connor
R. B. Keasler, who is serving his third term

The County Clerks:
Richard Crook
Eldridge Hopkins
R. E. Mathews
Z. C. Mathews,
Ambrose Edwards
A. P. Landers
Jas. W. Avera
John Cox
J. C. Avera, present clerk.

The District Clerks:
J. Bottoms
Dr. R. H. Scott
Wm. M. Ewing
E. F. Scott
J. M. Ashcroft
J. W. Avera
Jasper Thomas
W. J. Cline
Asa Ramsey
John Furgerson, present clerk

The names of the county attorneys, the assessors and collectors, have not been given in or they certainly would have appeared in this important list of county officials. In after years reference to this list will furnish important and useful information to the reader of the history of Hopkins County. Sam W. Smith is the oldest living sheriff in the Lone Star State.

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